Author and freelance writer, Siobhan Searle, loves to captivate her readers with thrills, chills, and laughs. Inspired by everyday life, Siobhan writes a wide range of material from blogs, health & wellness articles, essays, children’s literature, and the occasional poem. Her true forte though comes in the form of supernatural and paranormal mysteries. With her pen on the paper, she devises murderous plots, families shrouded in secrets, houses too haunted for the living, and other horrors you can only find in a writer’s mind.

Born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, but later moving to the country, Siobhan developed a love for nature and all the creatures in it. This led her to study veterinary technology and work at various veterinarian clinics, as well as the Kingston SPCA, before she turned her attention towards health care. It wasn’t until she was home on maternity leave a few years later that Siobhan decided to give in to her true calling and life-long dream of becoming a fiction writer.

Book signing at Balanced Dressage, Niagara, Ontario, 2018

With idols such as Mary Shelley, Ann Radcliffe, Charlotte Bronte, R. L. Stine, and of course Stephen King, Siobhan has gone on to publish two supernatural/paranormal mysteries. Now with her freelance writing projects on the side, Siobhan continues to weave twisted webs for her characters to be caught in and to stump her readers.

Never at a loss for ideas, Siobhan not only strives to connect with her readers through the emotions, life experiences, thoughts, and general realism of her characters, but hopes her books inspire and provide a similar solace from life’s unpleasantness as those literary treasures did for her so often over the years. Inspired by everything she encounters, Siobhan continues to let her inner voice speak through the pages of her work.